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Useful information

Tourist Memo

Necessary documents, personal first-aid kit, necessary personal travel equipment... More

Regulations of equipment rent

Equipment is rented only to the person using it. It is not allowed to rent the equipment to the third person without written confirmation... More

About mountain equipment

For safe hiking or climbing one needs the good equipment. It must fit rout and weather conditions. Set of equipment depends on difficulty level, type and conditions of the trip as well as on qualification and number of participants... More

How to Pack Your Backpack

After you sorted all things you want to pack the first thing you should do is to weigh everything! Possibly the backpack turns out to be too heavy to lift. Then try to keep only what you cannot live without... More


First of all it’s clothing. It’s almost impossible to combine all the tourist needs in one cloth. That’s why we need to take a lot of different gears when go trekking... More

Accident prevention in the mountains

Skiing and snowboarding as well as any other sport can be hazardous. FIS rules are the best sample of skier behavior and they tend to avoid accidents on the slope... More